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      Why would anyone bother, when you literally ignore all the evidence provided to you and repeat your same comments, just a scam, no evidence, vaporware, fake partnerships.

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      You won’t lose anything by not buying any VET, so just ignore it.

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      Can anyone explain how the tokenomics work in less than 150 words?

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      imho partnerships are legit and the vechain will see use by enterprises, but the idea that retail holders will profit off that enterprise usage and take money away from dnv gl, pwc and vechain’s for-profit companies, is laughable. dnv gl is pushing vechain on their corporate clients because they want to charge them out the ass [in fiat] for “blockchain verification,” they couldn’t give a rat’s ass about vet tokenomics or appreciation of vet/vtho.

      read my skeptics thread to understand what retail vet holders are up against.

      the other red flag is their **unaudited** “financial executive reports”

      this is how professional auditing is done and what vechain should be doing with their foundation and offshore companies:

      “Today, Circle released the latest attestation report on US dollar reserves backing USDC issued by **independent accounting firm, Grant Thornton LLP.**”

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      before we discuss Vechain, i think it is more important to evaluate yourself.

      what makes you beg for someone to change your mind? You sound depenent; someone who is not wise enough to make their own insights and interpretations.
      This is also proven by the fact that you still do not see the added value of the project. do yourself a favor kid.. and find another activity beside this cryptomambojumbo… eventually this will cost you a lot of money in the long term with your way of thinking.

      My 2 cents.

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      Let me lay it out for you….

      区块链is going to be a very big thing in the coming years for businesses. It’s the new thing.

      China has announced it has big plans for blockchain. Many large corporations are testing it out right now.

      Vechain is poised to be an industry leader in its applications. It solves two things for business… Reduce costs and increase revenue.

      Businesses that want to protect their brand will use it. Businesses that want to prove to the customer it won’t kill them will use it. Businesses that want to manage recalls effectively and quickly will use it.

      The advantage vechain has is its vip191 protocol which allows anyone to pay for the tx of anyone else. This allows businesses to use vechain without the customer worrying about crypto or coins or wallets or anything related. They just scan the product and get the info they need.

      If you still think it’s Vapor or smoke and mirrors you eyes and ears aren’t open.

      DNVGL is literally the world standard on certification and they are pushing vechain in a big way. 价格 Waterhouse Cooper is a world leader and they are pushing vechain to their clients. Delloite is another pushing vechain.

      The country of San Marino is using it to go carbon neutral.

      There is way more I could go on about but if that’s not enough I don’t know what to tell you man.

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      Vechain partnered with every big company in existence. Who is bitcoin partnered with? There u go.

      U will be able to check where ur broccoli came from while driving a BMV, dont see many other projects aiming this high

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